Resolution regarding the use of Zoom (Nov. 20, 2020)

We propose that the Executive Faculty adopt and promulgate the following resolution (resolution text in plain text; explanatory material in footnotes):

In light of repeated cases of the Zoom Corporation violating freedom of speech and academic freedom by unilaterally shutting down…

By Merdan Ghappar (Mai-er-dan A-ba 麦尔丹∙ 阿巴)

Translated by James Millward. Reporting from BBC and Toronto Globe and Mail.

Merdan in a quarantine room in Kucha, February 2020

The text translated below was provided to the BBC and Toronto Globe and Mail as a series of overlapping screenshots taken from a single long text message (I’ve included the original…

James A. Millward
Osaka, June 26, 2019

Here’s an ice-breaker for Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping when they meet at the G-20 in Osaka: “Don’t you just hate it,” one might ask the other, “when people call your internment centers ‘concentration camps’?”

It is a surreal moment when…

Frederick Starr, ed., Xinjiang: China’s Muslim Borderland and the top secret internally-circulated Chinese pirated edition with annotations revealing that a manuscript bearing Starr’s hand-written notes was smuggled to China before publication of the English language version

The piece below is an account of the visa-blocking since the early 2000s by China of several scholars who contributed to an edited volume about the Chinese region of Xinjiang. I go into some detail about the entire incident in an attempt to make clear, to the best of my…

Journal of Chinese Political Science: SpringerNature censors its own journal for China

Back in November 2017, Ben Bland reported in the Financial Times that the massive publishing conglomerate, SpringerNature, had cut some 1000 articles from two of its journals, The Journal of Chinese Political Science and International Politics, at the behest of the Chinese government. As with the Cambridge University Press scandal…

James A. Millward

James A. Millward 米華健 is professor of history at Georgetown University and mandolinist for By & By.

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